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Multi Layered Next Generation End Point Protection Software

Ransomware and the risk of being hacked is everywhere and without the best protection your company is vulnerable. With the next-generation endpoint protection solution from SentinelOne, you will have complete confidence that your sensitive data is protected against ransomware and other sophisticated Malware attacks.

SentinelOne unifies prevention, detection and response in a single platform driven by sophisticated machine learning and intelligent automation. With SentinelOne, organizations can detect malicious behaviour across all vectors of attacks, rapidly eliminating threats with fully-automated, integrated response capabilities which adapt their defences against the most advanced cyber-attacks.

Traditional anti-virus software is mostly signature based with zero accountability should a breach occur. You will then have loss of data, possible loss of income and definitely loss of productivity. Unknown zero day threats will get through antivirus easily and we are happy to bring some viruses to prove it.

SentinelOne software is multilayer Next Generation endpoint protection and the only software of its kind to be endorsed by Munich Re who is the largest Re insurers in the world. They have done thorough testing of the product and are happy to insure clients who use this software as it limits their risk tremendously. We are also distributing the software via insurance brokers in a massive way as more and more clients are requesting Cyber cover for their businesses to include Ransom.

With every licence purchased the Ransom cover is included to a value of R10000.00 per PC or Server. This will be paid out should we not be able to Roll back the encryption to its previous state should a PC or server be compromised. The Guarantee is for the Windows operating platforms for now which is 89% of the global market which is more than any other company offers in this space.

The software has various patents, one in particular which allows for the software to control VSS which enables us to roll back a virus if necessary to the computers previous state.

Please let us do a proof of concept so your IT staff can test the software on your network and you will be very surprised what reports will come out as the software not only recognises known and unknown threats but also will alert on dormant threats and viruses that have been sitting in your network and encrypted traffic like DNS and HTTPS for days or months waiting to execute.

Your IT department will receive an automated sms informing them of a threat so they can deal with it before the user or department is even aware of the virus.

This is a decision that should not be left exclusivity to IT staff to make and I advise the Directors be involved in this process as the incorrect software could cripple a business if they are hacked as there is no accountability on traditional anti-virus.

I have attached some SentinelOne information for you to go over and you can visit as well for more info or to download the software.

We are ready to present to the relevant staff.

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