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iCabinet is the concept of a ‘paperless office’ streamlining internal filing processes using a simple interface that is modeled around an actual filing cabinet. It uses web-based architecture; this means that it works using your web browser to provide easy integration into any environment. Hardware required is a standalone scanner or your multifunction device, coupled with integrated backup to create a holistic document management solution.

One touch scanning combines scanning and uploading into one process and this can be done locally or over the Internet. All documents scanned are saved as a PDF document. Remote clients, suppliers, branches and colleagues can scan and upload documents into your iCabinet.

Documents and files that are already stored on your computer electronically (Word, Excel, video files, music files etc.), can be imported into folders within the cabinets you have created.

General use of the documents is made easy with indexed locations of all items. Print or email any document directly from iCabinet using your default printer or email client.

iCabinet allows remote access from anywhere in the world. A unique address is assigned to your business which allows access to your office using any web browser. Your staff, parents and third parties can now scan, email, print and import documents from their office.

The creation of guest accounts allows the public/suppliers/auditors/staff to view cabinet information or interact completely using multiple permission sets for different levels of access, no need to email documents back and forth anymore. Publishing of invoices and statements or any other documentation that interested parties require has never been easier.

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